Upload one pdf document with text

Most common words in the text

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment flow

Words used together

Upload two pdf documents with text

Most common words in the text

Word importance

The point of the plot below is that it identifies words that are important to one document compared to the other.

Topic modeling

Below is a plot with the most importatnt words per topic

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RiskCede develop bespoke data solutions. From gathering and wrangling data, mining and analysing to prediction and reporting.

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Medical aid MIS : This project showcase some of the data visualisation used in analysing insurance data.

Research toolkit : Allows for easy capturing and collection of data via a mobile app as well as clear data visualisation with our geographic analysis and graphs.

Real time dashboards : In this project we handle live data.

Survey analysis : The survey project is a combination of our data mining application and you data gathering work flow manager.

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